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Scenerio 1:

Boonie was a smart intelligent girl until her teacher noticed she often appears to be zoning out in class and is unable to recall anything from the lesson during these staring spells. The guidance counselor of the 14-year-old patient has noticed she’s been having difficulty in school, and her grades have been slipping. She blinks her eyes very fast, almost as if her eyelids are fluttering, and rubs her fingers together. Her classmates have started to notice her strange behavior. So, presenting her for mock examination of the neuronal response, following result showed up.

Family History; There is a family history of diabetes, seizures, and heart problems.

MRI: The results of an MRI came back normal.

Reflexes: During the time of evaluation all reflexes appear normal.

Psych Evaluation: A psychiatric evaluation reveals that this patient has been experiencing depression and some anxiety.

EEG Result: The results of an EEG show sharp spikes and waves amongst the expected brain waves (normal).

So, what was the patient experiencing: Its simply epileptic absence seizure

These seizures have effects that are so short and subtle, other people might not even realize they occurred, depending on how frequent it comes per day, some are even misdiagnosed for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder) in the affected child. These types of seizures are most common among children; mostly between the ages of four and ten, and peak around age six years.

A seizure is like an electrical storm that happens in the brain. “We don’t understand exactly what causes epilepsy — in some cases it seems to be caused by genetics, while in other cases it is caused by changes to the brain, such as a tumor or a traumatic brain injury” Jeffrey Tenney..

many children who suffer from absence seizures will grow out of it. The young brain’s plasticity (ability to change and adapt over time) assures 70 percent of epileptic children recovery from epilepsy and the associated seizures over a period of several years.

Therapies for epilepsy include medications or surgical procedures. However, research has shown that diets high in fat and low in carbohydrates can reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. Click here for more on how diet reduces seizures.


More scenario in coming weeks….

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