7-Ways to Reduce Stress and Keep Blood Pressure Down


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High blood pressure, known medically as hypertension, many people don’t even know they have it, because high blood pressure has no symptoms or warning signs. But when elevated blood pressure is accompanied by abnormal cholesterol and blood sugar levels, the damage to arteries, kidneys, and heart accelerates exponentially. Blood pressure readings are comprised of two values: one for systolic and one for diastolic pressure; anything equal to or above 140 over 90 (140/90) is considered high.

In Nigeria’s megacity of Lagos, lifestyles resemble those of developed countries and hypertension is increasingly becoming a problem. Motunrayo Bello reports on WHO Bulletin. Nigeria is one of many developing countries where the health services have focused on treating infectious diseases, such as malaria and tuberculosis, but in recent years, noncommunicable conditions have become an increasing problem. One of the most prevalent noncommunicable conditions worldwide, hypertension is responsible for an estimated 45% of deaths due to heart disease and 51% of deaths due to stroke globally.

Fortunately, high blood pressure is easy to detect and treat, just keep blood pressure in a healthy range simply by making lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, increasing activity, and eating more healthfully.

So, to prevent or manage your blood pressure personally, you can follow the points below;

  1. Get Enough Sleep: Inadequate or poor-quality sleep can negatively affect mood, mental alertness, energy levels and physical health.
  2. Relaxation: Meditate, undertake progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing exercises, yoga e.t.c are all powerful relaxation techniques and stress busters.
  3. Strengthen Social Network: Connect with others by joining an organization or support group.
  4. Hone your Time Management Skills: The more efficiently you can juggle your work and family demands, the lower the stress level.
  5. Resolve stressful Situation: Don’t let stressful situation fester. Use negotiation skills to resolve family and work situation, you can also hold family problem resolving session.
  6. Nurture Yourself: Treat yourself to a massage, take a walk or a nap or listen to your favorite music.
  7. Ask for Help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, spouses and neighbours.

If stress persists, please see a doctor.

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