Effects of Some Processing Methods and Nutritional Status of the Food


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Why Should I or Should I not process some food products in a particular way? Details Below;

Prof G. Oboh of the department of Biochemistry, federal University of Technology Akure and colleagues were able to provide adequate answer to some scientific questions and clear out some myths and misconceptions. It is left for consumers to choose what way to follow.

  1. Blanching of some green leafy Vegetables

Eight popularly consumed green leafy vegetables in Nigeria namely: Structium sparejanophora (Ewuro-odo), Amarantus cruentus (Atetedaye), Telfairia occidentalis (Ugu), Baselia allia (Amunu tutu), Solanum macrocarpon (Igbagba), Corchorus olitorius (Ewedu), Vernonia anygdalina (Ewuro) and Occimum graticimum (Efinrin). were blanched in hot water for 5 mins. The antioxidant properties of the fresh and blanched green leafy vegetables were subsequently determined.

Result Highlight: blanching of vegetables though makes green leafy vegetables more palatable and less toxic, however it reduces their antioxidant properties drastically.

  1. Sun-drying;

Sun-drying of green leafy vegetables is popularly practised in many homes in Nigeria, as a way of preserving green leafy vegetables for future use. Edible portions of the green leafy vegetables as mentioned above were sun-dried for seven days before determining status.

Result Highlight: After sun- drying, there was decrease in Vitamin C content but an increase in antioxidant activity of the green leafy vegetable, moreover, the phenol constituent of the green leafy vegetables contributes more to the antioxidant properties of vegetables than ascorbic acid, as its increase on sun-drying improve the antioxidant status of the green leafy vegetables, regardless of the decrease in the ascorbic acid content.

  1. Maize Roasting:

Maize varieties (yellow and white) were roasted for 17 min; and allowed to cool, and later milled into powder. The nutritional evaluation (proximate composition, mineral and antinutrient content determination) and antioxidant properties were investigated.

Result Highlight: roasting reduced the protein content of maize but also increased the energy value and antioxidant capacity as exemplified by high reducing power.


LWT – Food Science and Technology; DOI:10.1016/j.lwt.2004.07.007

Nutr Health. DOI:10.1177/026010600401800103

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